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I live in a small coastal town in Pembrokeshire West Wales with my composer and pianist husband Stephen. I am a buddhist, photographer, musician and nature lover.

My background is in music. I was introduced to photography about 10 years ago when a very close friend, who died after developing cancer, willed her camera to me. Her camera, now mine, became a close companion in my grief, it accompanied me on my coastal walks and in time I discovered that along with her camera my dear friend had gifted me something very special indeed as I began to see the beauty of life in a new and dare I say it, more focused way through the eye of the lens. For a while I set aside this new interest to pursue a career in media music and then recently at the suggestion of a buddhist friend and with encouragement from Stephen and his parents who made it possible for me to buy my first 'professional' camera, took up photography again. I am glad I did, it is bringing me a new joy in life and I find, to my utter amazement, I am drawing the creative strands of my life together.


Sirona is the friend whose camera I inherited. I had known her for about 10 years and in that time we formed a deep bond of friendship. She became my anam cara 'soul friend'. We shared many adventures and spent many, many hours exploring Pembrokeshire together. She was a person of great integrity, wisdom and courage, this was contained within a lightness of being which defied her somewhat difficult past. She also shared a close friendship with Pembrokeshire photographer Heather Bennett. It was after Sirona's diagnosis with pancreatic cancer that Heather and I began to know each other better. No words can convey the special nature of the bond formed by we three in the final months of Sirona's life. As Sirona had wished, Heather and I were with her in her final moments. It was afterwards that Heather handed me Sirona's camera and told me that Sirona had wanted me to have it. It was the beginning of a new and deeply rewarding creative era in my life.


'Every single thing in existence is worthy of supreme reverence. Nature is not something for human beings to exploit as they see fit, solely for their own interests. Both nature and humanity are part—and at the same time complete expressions—of the life of the universe. To destroy the natural world is to destroy human life'.

Daisaku Ikeda.

Many photographers specialise in particular areas of interest. Portrait, Landscape, Wild Life, Travel, Food, Street, Fine Art, Fashion……etc. and are largely defined in this way. My own passion is mainly, but not exclusively, Nature and Wildlife Photography. Like many photographers, I have asked myself why I pursue photography. The answer lies in a deep desire to communicate the precious nature of life. All the photographs I take have this desire as their foundation.

Currently I am exploring photography and seeking ways to share my work with others and develop professionally. Stephen and I have recently recorded and released an album, more about this on the film & music page, and I am in the process of shooting footage for short film releases featuring some of the music from this album.

My photographic work is inspired by the natural world and our relationship with it. Most of the images you will see on these pages were shot in the county of Pembrokeshire in West Wales.

Before I sign off on this page I would like to express my gratitude to Stephen for his continuing support and encouragement - and to the people and places in Pembrokeshire that continue to inspire me with their warm humanity and outstanding beauty.

Jenny Rees

A note regarding copyright. The copyright to all photographs on this website belongs to Jenny Rees - please do not use them without asking, thank you.
I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society and abide by their guidelines whilst photographing nature and and wildlife.
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